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A wider use of the literal meaning of smoking a joint down to the roach.

Application for two purposes when something is rinsed:

John: Knock knock
Amy: Who's there?
John: Knock knock
Amy:Who's there?
John: Knock knock
Amy: For fucks sake you've smoked it to the roach now, just tell the damn joke.

Or if something is just plain dry.
4 in the morning a house party consists of a bunch of sleeping people and a couple of guys bunning a zoot.
"This party's smoked to the roach man, let's kick."
Other uses.

I'm so tired/I'm smoked to the roach.
It's dead/It's smoked to the roach
I've got no credit/Credits smoked to the roach

Derived terms include "lit"

E.g a party hasn't's not lit yet
or someones not ready..they're not lit yet
someone's not awake/they're not lit yet
by jammans May 11, 2010

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