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The Bally-Slang term in mockery of "small ass". Often used sarcastically and in deep irony to actually label one possessing the opposite--one with a voluptuous flank.
However, it should be noted that most Smoh Ah's can be quite good-looking. Years of scientific research by Professor Joshua Risbey, M.D, PhD has uncovered that the favoured habitat of the Smoh Ah population is Balgowlah Boys' Campus on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Risbey quotes: "...probably because of the deep-seeded legendary qualities of the Bally boys are Smoh Ah's attracted to their habitat... I also have reason to believe that my thermae is a cause of attraction, as I caught one lurking around it just the other day."
The Queen of Smoh Ah goes by the name of Alison McMillan, and she can often be found wondering the halls of G Block.

Smoh Ah can also be used as a derogatory term, and can be given to unanimous objects, such as cars that appear stocky. The user can be imaginative, as there is little restriction in regards to using the term.

Oi Spiv, you going out for a break are you? Yeah, sure, you're either going out golfing, skiing, pumping Smoh Ah or all of the above! Ay!

That bus has a Smoh Ah!

(To a rank chick): Oh SMOH AH!
by M Leonidas October 27, 2008
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