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A race of smiley faces people. Those on msn that ONLY collect smiley faces emoticons are racist to the rest of the emoticons, such as the LOL emoticon, and the WTF emoticon. The smiley face race tends to be yellow, but may sometimes mutate to an odd shade of blue. They too, are people. We must treat them all with respect because they DO exist.
●๋•| عмιℓу;ρнαм™ |●๋• says:
*omg i hate how when you reformat your computer then you lose all ur emoticons T_T
*i had like a zillion before
` {L} i S a R says:
*i only collect little smiley ones
* ●๋•| عмιℓу;ρнαм™ |●๋• says:
` {L} i S a R says:
*like so ; D<
* ●๋•| عмιℓу;ρнαм™ |●๋• says:
*you only collect little yellow things.. ;O
` {L} i S a R says:
* ●๋•| عмιℓу;ρнαм™ |●๋• says:
*smileys = people too >;0
*havent you heard of the smiley race? >.>
` {L} i S a R says:
*lolnu. c:
* ●๋•| عмιℓу;ρнαм™ |●๋• says:
*good god woman pay attention in class
` {L} i S a R says:
*./urban dictionaries it
* ●๋•| عмιℓу;ρнαм™ |●๋• says:
` {L} i S a R says:
*which means it's not real.
by Diem Anh August 08, 2009
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