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n. 1) A man who enthusiastically engages in social, often college-organization based, activies. 2) A man who is excessively polite or happy to be in situations, often festive, in which most men would be sullen or unenthusiastic.

adj. 1) Of or pertaining to a smileboy, 2) Ingratiating, sycophantic characteristics that attempt to appeal to a larger group.
1)Pat purchased a liter of Anner's dad's favorite drink, Peach Schnapps. Later in the evening he initiated an extremely smileboy conversation, discussing economic and political events, grinning hugely and nodding solemnly.

2)"Wow, you look like a HUGE smileboy in these Christmas photos, dude."
by Real, REAL, Heady Krizlo April 30, 2006

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