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Low key Smoke+Sesh (session)= smesh.
1.Smesh today?
"Damn I'm stressing , def need to smesh with the homie(s)."

2. "We gon sesh this shit up or what?" "You know it smesh that shit low key."
by Antitarget June 28, 2013
A fresh Smell or something that is new
she has that new calvin klein cologne she is so smesh

my new kicks are smesh to death!
by Dylan K May 23, 2007
when you go down on a girl does it smell like fish ??
god dam, she got a smesh about her !!!
by angmoh August 15, 2011
Another word for smash when you're feeling random.
Guy1: Omg, u smashed it.
Guy2: Yeah.
Guy1: Why did u do it?
Guy2: I like to smesh things.
by Bouncing Rat July 14, 2006