when you go down on a girl does it smell like fish ??
god dam, she got a smesh about her !!!
by angmoh August 15, 2011
Top Definition
A fresh Smell or something that is new
she has that new calvin klein cologne she is so smesh

my new kicks are smesh to death!
by Dylan K May 23, 2007
Low key Smoke+Sesh (session)= smesh.
1.Smesh today?
"Damn I'm stressing , def need to smesh with the homie(s)."

2. "We gon sesh this shit up or what?" "You know it smesh that shit low key."
by Antitarget June 28, 2013
Another word for smash when you're feeling random.
Guy1: Omg, u smashed it.
Guy2: Yeah.
Guy1: Why did u do it?
Guy2: I like to smesh things.
by Bouncing Rat July 14, 2006
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