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a unique rock band that got sold out by Interscope records and is known to many as a "kiddie" band. Currently trying to make a comback on their own record company Beautiful Bomb. Early Hits include Walking on the sun, allstar, then the morning comes. Best albums are Fush Yu Mang and Astro Lounge.
person 1~ Did u get Smash Mouth's new cd Summer Girl?
person 2~ No. Smash Mouth sux.
person 1~ No. Interscope sold them out. They are on a indie lable now.
person 2~ *Listens* Hey this is good. kinda like before they got sold out. Smash Mouth Rocks
by Ha Ha You're Dead January 24, 2007
To refuse the consumption of eggs for a reputable cause, inspired by Smash Mouth's famous refusal on Twitter to eat eggs for charity, caused by Steve Harwell's ovaphobic nature.
Guy 1: Dude I'll donate $20 to Red Cross if you eat 24 eggs for charity
Guy 2: Nahh
Guy 3: Dude don't be such a Smash Mouth!
by Mycatedwin June 14, 2011
authentic, raw, real, hardcore, manly; as opposed to wussified, metrosexual, fake
Usually used in connection with American Football, "to play smashmouth football"; allegedly coined by Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka.
Also the name of two US-American bands.
"Oo-er, I'm afraid I've strained my ankle and need to be rushed to the hospital!"
"Forget it! We're playing smashmouth Rayman Raving Rabbids here!"
by Zwentibold December 29, 2007
To refuse to eat eggs for charity
Don't smashmouth, man! Eat the eggs!
by Lavrant June 21, 2011
An awesome band with great songs
We went to the Smash Mouth concert, it was awesome.
by Eva February 25, 2004
To shove into your face with speed and force. Often referring to non-typical drug use.
"Bout to smash-mouth a whole ounce" Is a verse in a nelly song referring to shoving an ounce of cocaine in ones mouth at one time.
by man with his hand in the can March 22, 2010
One of the best bands in the world. Starting from 1994 to the present day they accomplished a lot of history. Their Song All star has made a lot of people inspired by everything which you will hear on the Movie Shrek 1.
Person 1: Hey dude do you like Taylor Swift?
Person 2: Hell no I Like Smash Mouth
by NYRangers2003 July 16, 2013

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