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Smash cup is a drinking game which requires two or more people. The objective of the game is to smash the cup and yell smash cup before the competition has done so. In order to play this drinking game one must first measure the drink of themselves and the opponents in order to reduce controversy at the end of the game. Then chairs must be set up three to four feet away from the table and the cups must be placed in front of the table on the floor. All participants must sit in the chair with their arms crossed behind the back of the chair. Then someone must yell “one, two, three, go” then all participants must run to the cup located on the floor and chug it back, when the player has finish the cup they must stick out their tongue and smash the cup in any fashion they choose. Once the cup has been smash they must yell “smash cup!” this lets the rest of those present that you have completed your smash cup run. This game can also be played in two groups facing each other. It can be played as a relay, and for some extra enjoyment the relay can go back and forth making the two teams drink two times.

** Please refrain from using any form of cup other then plastic (for safety purposes) also please drink responsibly**
by varadero May 03, 2010
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