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A 'mature' podcast made by the creators of Mugglecast, Imprint and Hpprogs. It discusses topics/segments such as politics and world news, the Round-up, listener rebuttals (Back Wash), pop culture, WTF news and features several awesome segments such as Screw, Marry, Kill, the Hot Seat, Shit You Should Fucking Know and much more.
Awesome person 1: "You should totally submit some album art to Smart Mouths.'
Awesome person 2: "Oh Smart Mouths an epic podcast. What's the prize again for winner?"
Awesome person 1: "Well Andrew (the main-host) said that the person who hands in the chosen album-art will receive a blowjob from a host of their choice."
by LovelyleggsXX January 27, 2010
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Women who think they are smart and are usually younger, around 18, but sound stupid when they open their mouth to bitch.
This 50 year old dope head told me she was a fucking smartmouth...
by Leaonardo January 08, 2012
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a hot sexy smart ass kidd
Natasha is a smartmouth
by thtlilwhoreinthebakoftheclass September 24, 2008
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