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More then just a lag, it comes at you when you least expect it or are in the middle of something important in a game or chat site, it dosen't actually exist but when you lag a lot while important things are happening it's considered a smart lag because the odds aren't that small
WoW player : yes im finally gonna get the loot from that boss, damn that guy's about to steal it *lags*

*Random person passes by and takes it*

*WoW player stops lagging*

WoW player : What the hell just happened?

WoW player's online girlfriend : I love you

*WoW player starts lagging again and can't say it back*

WoW player's online girlfriend : Yeah sure don't say it back. *waits* You're just like my friends said, I hate men *runs off crying and blocks wow player from talking to her*

*WoW player stops lagging*

WoW player : Oh god f*cking damn it I'm having smart lags again.
by Metalhead308 August 06, 2008
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