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A TV show in the late 90's about a afro-american "Ten year old wiz kid bustin' high school". The ten year old kid being TJ Henderson, played by TJ Mowry. It was showed on the Disney channel for two years. TJ is also joined by two slackers, his brother Markus and Markus' best friend Moe. Tj and Markus live with their single father who owns a contracting company and also with their sister, Yvette. There is also some weird white kid whose name slips my mind.
"Smart Guy" is now shown as re-runs on the network called BET, meaning black entertainment.

"Yo Jamal. Whatchu' Finna do after skoo'?"

"Nuttin' much mane. Just finna pop some j's and maybe watch me some Smart Guy"
by dannakin December 11, 2008
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