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A correction deputy who is pretty clever. He works tons of double shifts. Dates a P.Y.T.
Has to be the dopest D.I.L.F. Needs to have gray hair color. Also needs to know how to text all day, everyday, even while at work. He has to have a SUPER COCK. He needsto be sarcastic and not take himself to seriously, but has to go ballistic over simple silly texts sent by the P.Y.T.
P.Y.T.- "Good morning Silver Fox Stud"
Smart Bacon-"Good morning to you sexy thing"
P.Y.T.-"I miss you"
Smart Bacon"No you don't, your just bored"
P.Y.T. "Don't mock my feelings"
Smart Bacon"Are you INSANE?!?!?!?! Are you falling for me?!?!?!"
P.Y.T "Of course not, Are you falling for me?
Smart Bacon"Of course NOT!
by LeslieM September 15, 2008
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