(1)the compromise of integrity and all things wholesome by sleazy, self-serving creeps and those whose souls are generally covered in goop; (2) the end result of the actions of lowlifes, making a place of work or other environment so morally funky that you want to take a shower after you leave
"My new boss turned a job I once loved into Smarmageddon."
"Our group had morals and vision and a purpose, but since that new Executive Director was hired, the place has turned into Smarmageddon."
by Plains Mermaid January 03, 2009
Top Definition
A party or gathering with a plethora of sleazy and greasy men.
"Let's get out of here, this place is a smarmageddon!"
by Justin D Schmidt December 25, 2007
when the level of internet snark finally explodes and creates a black hole full of hugs and sneezing pandas.
I swear, that bitch is so smug. Her snarky twitterfeed is totes gonna lead to a smarmageddon.
by Court_pdx June 01, 2010
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