A smark is a smart shark. It's used in Balloon Shop's video "Smark"
I was on youtube and started watching "Smark"

It's a smart shark
Smart shark!
Smart shark!
by Quagmire42 April 07, 2010
An extremely dominate business/corporation founded by American's Justin August Smith and Kyle Stratton Parker, during the 21st century. Smark is known for the development of many break through inventions having to do with wide subject matters. Starting with the Smark .50 caliber sniper rifle and the Smark GTS super-car. The company is headquartered out of Dubia which is the second largest emirate in the UAE. The owners combined networth is said to be estimated around $45 billion. They take a great interest in exotic cars, jets, expensive mansions and extreme sports.
Wow Smark really does dominate the world.
by BussinessWeek January 21, 2009
Noun. A person who is being scamed but is in on the prank. Someone who knows they are being tricked. Its origin is from the term "mark" and is the shortened form of the phrase "smart mark"
The smark new the two headed woman was fake, but wanted to see anyways.
by AJ March 30, 2005
an idiot that acts completely negative about wrestling yet it too dumb to quit watching.These mutants hate john cena for no apparent reason except for the fact that they are losers.when they like some they say"that made me mark out!"which is the gayest thing ever!
you are such a smark because you don't enjoy wrestling!
by vanilla midget August 20, 2006

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