Basically, it's cum in a state of drippy-ness.
"Man, your sister has smang on her chin. Don't let her get it on my new carpet."
by youngbuns January 22, 2012
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Smash-Bang Fusion
Lemme smang it girl...
by chhggkk January 23, 2011
basically a combination of smash and bang as a verb, to describe sex or the motion of sex. From my knowlege it came from a song "Lemme Smang it" by Yung Humma ft Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep Records. The song is on youtube and Itunes. There is a specific dance which is also associated with word, as seen in the video.
that girl is fine, I just want to smang it to the moon.
by crazycats12 May 07, 2011
To "Smash" and "Bang" during a sexual encounter. This is a particular maneuver used during the act of sex when the man doing the "Smanging" is unable to provide full satisfaction to their female partner during the course of his normal sexual routine. Normally causes a permanent bowing of the legs and a partially permanent vision impairment if done correctly.
The first time we made love she did not feel much and I cried so this time I will have to Smang her.
by Denver Dawg August 07, 2011
A combination of "smash" and "bang." Popularized by the artist Yung Humma, smang is a euphemism for a particularly rigorous and pleasurable episode of sexual intercourse.
Lemme smang it girl, smash it and bang.
by smangin ben October 31, 2010
(1)When one not only smashes 'it', but also bangs 'it' . women often enjoy this .

(2) a dance often done after one smashes and bangs a female .
Lemme smang it girl!
by kittyloverr August 13, 2011
The act of smashing and banging something simultaneously, generally, used as a colloquialism to refer to sex.
Did you see the way Jen was walking this morning? Yung Humma must have smanged the shit out of her last night!
by knowlove July 23, 2012
Not just smashin it. Not just bangin it. Smash-bang fusion.
Let me smang it girl!
by dfa1985 December 13, 2011
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