A member of the "jh00" clan. A well known THPS and THUG online player. Is known for accomplishing an amazing no manual line on THPS4's Shipyard level.
Man I just met smallz today. He is so l33t!
by okies November 17, 2003
Top Definition
The name of your good buddy or pal. They are loyal and righteous. A friend for life!
Hey Smallz where ya been dude? Whats crackin big mackin?
by Prinzess10 November 25, 2013
A member of the THPS/THUG Online community that thinks he is superior to his peers and is not liked by many. His shipyard nm wasnt anything special, but don't tell him that. He also gained a big ego when he joined the jh00 clan, which consists of inactive members. Also has trouble keeping a girlfriend and/or a steady relationship and also is not very good looking.
ProSkater: Hi smallz
.jh00.smallz: Shutup i own you
by None December 07, 2003
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