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A group of church going believers that get together in someones house (usually an older couples house) to eat a bunch of food that was bought at Jewel by possibly two people out of the 80 that show up. Then after the dinner feast there is usually a good 20 min of prayer requests and 30 min of praying. After praying and many people saying "yes" the small group often shifts from the kitchen/dinning area to the living room, in order to create a comfy environment for bible studies and sharing of personal information. after a hearty dose of Jesus, they end the night in prayer and repeat this again the next week on the same day, at the same time.
James: Hey Rick, wan't to go to small group tonight?

Rick: No thanks, it's too crowded.

James: i'll pray for you.

Jesus believers group small pray
by Heart4Christ August 31, 2013

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