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ORIGINS; Compound slang term.

*Smacky- Habitual heroin user.
*Frog- A promiscuous girl who jumps from bed to bed.

1. A person of questionable monogamous practice who uses heroin.

2. A deceitful, promiscuous female who dresses raggedly and despite much experience, still maintains to be minimal, sloppy and brutish in the art of kissing and love making. Also tends to "nod off" randomly due to use of opiate drugs along with the abuse of other substances which she denies.
Shaun: What happened to you and Farrisha?

Kiel: Oh, you mean "Smacky The Frog"? I found a rig hat in her stuff. She tried to play me, so i threw her back in the pond.

Shaun: Two kings!

Kiel: Amen.
by Tallboy Downaforro June 19, 2009

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