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One who puts on a front to appear tough; A poser; A wack nigga
Person 1: You know how I do nigga, if someone comes at me hard, Imma go right back at 'em twice as hard. I don't take shit like that

Person 2: Yo shut the fuck up. You're such a little bitch. Whenever someone comes at you, you fuckin' run away you sly poonce.
by The WANNA BE April 09, 2010

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faker poser
One who swears to be a g, but in reality is clearly putting on an act. A Poser
Guy 1: yo man you hear about DRock?
Guy 2: What about him?
Guy 1: That he did mad time in the joint for nearly beatin some dude to death. He aint no one to mess with man. He`s a straight up gangsta.
Guy 2: What man? Don't beleive any of that stuff you hear. Yo DRock is a Sly Poonce. He aint nothin.
by NoSoCommon K April 03, 2010