Smiley Slutty Cyrus earns $1000 per week by been stripping around with gentlemens and having sex with so many mens in the street for prostitution perhaps she earn alots of money by she been selling her body for prostitutions for $1,000
Miley cyrus, slutty cyrus, smiley ugly cyrus
by MissCubans April 10, 2010
Top Definition
An accurate nickname for the "teen queen", Miley.
"Did you see those pictures of Slutty Cyrus on Perez Hilton yesterday?"

"Which, the one of her in the shower, or in bed with some dude?"
by Marilyn1115 September 15, 2008
a nickname for the worldwide pop star Miley Cyrus, deriving from the phrase "Slutty Cyrus is at it again!" this is a result of constant pressure from Paparazzi and fans to be famous, whether it's wearing a cleavage-bearing bathing suit or posing wearing only a bedsheet, this 16 year old girl can often be acknowledged as "slutty". was one of the founders of this name.
Girl: I'm going to a Slutty Cyrus concert! I wonder if her 21-year-old boyfriend will be there?!
Girl 2: I sure hope so.
by BBSLVR March 09, 2009
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