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when a nasty ho walks into your house and you stick ur penis between her boobs
Yo Joanna, I'm gonna slutbang you!
by Fabio_XXX August 25, 2008
2 1
The two carefully groomed strands of hair hanging down in front of the pullled-back-tight and over-gelled bogan female hairstyle. Also see chavette.
"...first take all your hair and pull it back in a supertight ponytail, then seperate out two strands of hair from your hairline at the top of your forehead, let them hang, one down each sullen cheek and you've got yourself some slut bangs. Horny!"
by number one birthday clown April 13, 2005
40 7
1.someone looser than a slut. aka the slut of a slut.
2. The lowest form of person in the social world. an insult. a bitch
She kept talking so i stuck my dick in her mouth and called her a slut bang.
by nathan aka natedoggggggggggg July 07, 2005
21 35