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When a person craves the taste of the delicious, iced treat so badly, at any random hour of the day or night that they do the very bare minimum as far as looking presentable in public is concerned to run into the nearest 7-11 and splurge on more-than-likely, the largest sized Slurpee it has to offer.

There is such little effort put into looking presentable, in fact, that whatever minor adjustments that the subject has altered about their comfortable, private attire or the very lack there of in order to preserve a “civilized” humanistic appearance usually has the opposite effect.

Leslie hadn’t left the house in several days and was suddenly struck with the itch to go on a Slurpee run, while also figuring she could kill two birds with one stone and fit in a couple seconds of fresh air and sunlight, while in sweet, sweet pursuit.
by UniQueLyEviL October 05, 2006
A late night quest to the closest 7-11, for a slurpee.
Anyone up for a slurpee run?
by Whitey the Black Nite July 23, 2006
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