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West Palm Beach, FL, specifically the downtown area.
"Im from the city, where all the killings go down/Slump City, downtown, home of a hundred rounds"
by Gordeezy333 December 19, 2006
Nick Name for Eastern Palm Beach County, specifically the cities of high crime rates, and large delapidated areas. Includes the cities of West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Lantana, and Delray Beach. This area has recieved this nick name because of the large amount of crimes commited in these areas.
Nigga I done went up to see my cuzin in Slump City and When a nigga was walkin from da tri-rail station to da crib, some fool ran up on me and got a nigga for his cash. I'ma stay down in miami from now on.
by Manny561 April 08, 2009

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