A girl who has the appearance of exhaustion. originally used to describe what echo looks like when she's overtired and puts her hair in a bun and wears sweatpants and a hoody. The sight of a slump is usually followed by comments of 'eww' (which are completely ignorant and utterly misplaced when made towards brookee). WARNING: The resemblance of a slump can appear in anyone and is often caused by the state of being rushed.
Echo: "eeeeeeeewwwww I look like a slump today!!! my hair's in a bun and i'm wearing a hoody and sweats!"

Fool: "Ewww. look at that slump. she's gross."
SBB: "you're a fool. that is the only original ECHO and your comment should be disregarded."


Brooke, the only girl who can look like a slump and still cause millions to echo her
by LilBibby2342 March 01, 2007
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A period of time during which a person goes without an object or action.
Billy has had no hits in the past month, he must be in a slump.
by ==David== October 02, 2005
music with a slow bass heavy rhythm
That song is the super slump
by Bob Jen March 21, 2003
To hit someone extremely hard.
"Man, did you see that fight at the club yesterday? Dude slumped the hell outta that man!"
by The Keeper November 08, 2003
(noun) - a period of time (usu. months) you have gone (unwillfully) without sex
i'm in such a slump, i haven't gotten any in like 4 months :(
by shader March 10, 2003
another word for being high but much more used in the New York area's
the effects of smoking weed ex: me:let's go to my friends house he got a quarter once. friend: lets go we about to get slump
by tyreljr2 August 09, 2011
Desirable songs with strong base lines
JT produces slumps
by dolo May 29, 2004
Generally when you are just sucking for a period of time. It often refers to the academic ability of an individual. It is possible to earn ones way out of a slump, which is usually followed by a victory dance.
'Slumped' from October 2010 to February 2011 after a series of academic failures. With his return to glory being fueled by his story 'Piano Man'. A tale of a man whose life journey of not belonging is told through his music on stage - an instant classic.
by fallen.X.angel March 08, 2011

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