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A slumber party that ONLY occurs at a senior's house who is from New Jersey, plays field hockey, lives in the meadows, and has an elderly great-grandmother who sits on the couch. There must be ONLY seniors and freshmen for it to be a legitimate slumbz.
During the slumbz, people talk, watch television, and eat food from a kitchen pantry that is the size of a bedroom.

A slumbz can occur on a school night or a weekend, any day of the week.

Many people try to use the word slumbz, but use it incorrectly. There can only be a slumbz at one house. Nobody else can use this word. That's not cool.
Alexa: "Hey! Slumbz at Monica's this weekend! You in?"
Shannon: "Hellll yeah!"
Kyra: "SAME! Can't wait to eat food from that sick-ass kitchen pantry!"
Hannah: "Yeah, me too. It's gonna be so much fun!"
Jade: "I'll pick you guys up at 10:00!"
by Grandma Zagame January 16, 2011
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