Sluggy is the best webcomic I have ever read.
by Psychic Jack September 14, 2003
Top Definition
a freakishly small penis, with little or no shaft and a very small helmet. Men usually get a "Sluggy" after taking extasy.
"once he had taken his pants off i saw he had a sluggy and i immediately asked him to leave"
by joshypl June 09, 2008
The name given for abnormally dark, thick and obscuring eyebrows, approximately 2-3 finger widths in length. The name evolved from the the similar width and length of the common garden slug.
Girl 1: 'Did you kiss that guy with those sluggies??'
Girl 2: 'Yeah they tickled my face'

Girl 1: 'I was so drunk last nite...I think I kissed his sluggies'
by i-heart-britney May 18, 2011
a chicken nugget or a chicken strip. The chicken can be bought from a restaurant or, frozen chicken from the grocery store.
Yo bro, your sluggies are done.
by 4dradles March 01, 2012
The ideal woman, typically fifteen pounds overweight, middle-class, and Caucasian. Sluggies are cross-overs of "sluts" and "druggies", characterized by their frequent drug use, unappealing slutatious behavior, and excessive eye makeup. Sluggies often are mistaken for emos or rockers, and are most likely to be seen in America's white suburbia. They worship black people, drama, and the exchange of insincere hugs.
Student: "Aw, man. The sluggies are hogging the sidewalk again!"

by TheRedcoat March 29, 2009
After a tough day at work, I was feeling very sluggy.
by Led Zeppole October 04, 2003
A combination of sluggish and sleepy.
Gah, I feel so sluggy after eating a big lunch.
by Kythyra May 19, 2011
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