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World of Warcraft-based free content encyclopedia that provides entries submitted by the infamous Sluggs himself covering topics and issues more often ignored by people that actually know what the fuck they are talking about. It is filled with complete inaccuracies, retard influenced rhetoric, and outright stupidity, which is thinly disguised as a free, open source, in game encyclopedia that postures itself to be an authoritative and factual information resource.
n00bhuntar - What are mats for +35 agi to 2h
Sluggs - I have t6 gloves
n00bhuntar - What are mats for +35 agi to 2h
2. Trade Sluggs - You don't want agi, you want intellect
n00bhuntar - What are mats for +35 AGILTY to 2h
Sluggs - Trust me, spell dmg for arcane shot. I looked on thottbot, wowwiki too. It took a while
n00bhuntar - What are mats for +35 agi to 2h
by Doboy May 16, 2008
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