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A very, very slow person.

Opposite Speedy Gonzalez.
Guy #1: Man, if he doesn't hurry it up we're gonna be late for the movie.

Guy #2: I know. (To Guy #3) Hurry up, Slowpoke Rodriguez!
by kmacolor August 11, 2008
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Perhaps one of the greatest Looney Tunes characters of all time. He is well known as Speedy Gonzales' cousin from the country and also as "the slowest mouse of all Mexico".

Despite only two appearances, Slowpoke Rodriguez has generated a fan following for his never ending munchies, his favorite song "Cucaracha" (about smoking Marijuana), and his ability to hide a gun in his pants despite the fact that the gun is larger.
Ted's twenty minutes late, and high? We might as well call him Slowpoke Rodriguez.
by Notorious NATE April 12, 2010
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