An idiot or stupid person. May also affectionately apply to people who are delivering previously- or commonly-known information.
"Did you hear that kid? What a slow jam!"
by DJ 007 March 25, 2006
Top Definition
A music genre, similiar to RnB, but not quite. Slow jam is pretty much what it says.. "Slow jam". It is smooth RnB. Doesn't have quite that much of a beat or rhythm like RnB does. It's slow and smooth.

Faggot # 1: yeah im digging all this slow jam shit
Faggot # 2: whats slow jams?

Faggot # 1: yknow.. that smooth, slow shit. Im talkin babyface, keith sweat, joe and such.
Faggot # 2: oh aiight man. i gotcha i gotcha.
by aLittleRayOfSunshine February 16, 2006
The personal soundtrack for love making that every playa has for when he needs to do that thang.
<You, speaking to me, as I am taking off your panties and hitting play (at the same time)> Ohh snap, you busting out your slow jam for me? Baby, we's gonna get this shit on!
by yoJERraps! November 05, 2006
a form of spoken word poetry in which social and/or political commentary is performed to the accompaniment of slow tempo or moderately tempo instrumental music.
1. President Obama was so cool when he slowed jammed the news on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

2. I liked the jazz music that the band played during that slow jam the news segment.
by azizip17 April 27, 2012
to take your time during sexual intercourse rather than just, "beating it up".
Yeah man. She was so thick, I might even have to slow jam that chick.
by Adonis Jordan, (realesteva) March 12, 2006
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