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Slump in you sexual activities;
Wasted days and wasted nights;
Low in your Slow Roll;
(Billy Joe Shaver)

I got a slow rollin' low
Ain't a mother would want me
Done got me so down bent out of round
Don't know my head from my toes.

Ain't a hand here to hold
Ain't a shoulder to cry on
Ain't a lesson to learn or a corner to turn
Twixt the dyin' and me.

Lord, I wanted to be
Something you could depend on
Lawdy, Lawd, woe is me
Ain't a body would care.

I got a slow rollin' low
Forgot the words to my song
Ain't that just like a fool to want a ride
On them trains when the train is all gone.
by americanworkmule September 12, 2009

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