Coined by 3 kids from University of Michigan, it is an object, or accessory, that can be used to smoke marijuana from. It is able to be filled up with smoke and "slotted" right into ones lungs (ie; a bowl, bong, pipe, or a handcrafted version of these smoking utensils)
On the way to the cafeteria...
-"yo man do you have a slot machine on you?"
-"Naw, but we can make one out of this empty soda can"
-"werd son"
by The Great RJC January 29, 2009
A bird thats easy and get it from anyone.
Mate your gf is a slot machine
by Chris22 October 06, 2005
To drop a whole bunch of coins on the floor of a public place.
The woman suffered much embarassment when she slot machined at the front counter of the Starbucks while paying for her latte.
by Chris Ernest Hall August 16, 2005
A girl who hooks up with a girl on one night and then attempts to have a foursome with 2 other girls and any guy she can find the next night.
Nikki is such a slot machine, on Friday she enjoyed herself some fish but on Saturday she wanted a side of meat.
by Bowdine May 22, 2006
The slot machines are the hypest. They ride some bicycles and shred the gnar on a regular basis. On many occasions they have exploded things with their minds simply because that is what they are capable of.
The Slot Machines ride at dusk!
by SM01 November 05, 2007
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