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An individual who is not only sloppy drunk, but is also acting like a duck. (please see duck entry) They are best known for being a very noisy species. Their behavior is best characterized by; spillage of alcoholic beverages, screeching loudly (also known as quacking) and incessantly searching for items they have lost in their drunken stupor, before falling asleep in the club. The sloppy duck (slopopithus) is indigenous to South Florida, yet they can be found all over the world. Attempts have been made to domesticate this wild creature, yet when in captivity they tend to become very depressed and yearn to be out in the wild. If you spot a sloppy duck please approach with caution, they may seem fun at first, but they will end up ruining your night and your shoes with their projectile vomiting.
Yeah she was acting like a sloppy duck
by UFsucksGoNoles November 30, 2010
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