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Wrapping your penis in lunch meat before having sex and eating it after.
I was hungry and horny, I gave her a Sloppy Brompton and solved both problems.
by Lebron is a hater July 15, 2011
the act of covering the penis with deli meat, having intercourse, and then eating the meat
Let's wait to eat until after sex. I wanted to make a sloppy brompton.
by facereplacer July 15, 2011
A sexual act. One covers the penis with lunch meat and has sex. The sex partner then eats the lunch meat off the penis.
A sloppy brompton is the perfect post-sex snack.
by StinkyPenny July 15, 2011
A Sloppy Brompton is when a man wraps his penis in lunch/deli meats and penetrates a partner (preferably anal). He should get himself to near ejaculation and then pull his still meat-wrapped member out to finish in his partners mouth (mayo). It can be made sloppier by switching holes multiple times before finishing during the course of this activity.
I went to the deli for a quarter pound of pastrami so that later, when you come over, I can give you a Sloppy Brompton.
by facereplacer June 13, 2011