Someone with a very dysfunctional looking body. This person doesn't take care of their body properly i.e. going to the gym to work out. Just weird shaped and jiggly all over the place.
Friend 1: Damn, that bitch over there got a sloppy ass body!

Friend 2: Yea, she is out of order for that big wide sloppy ass body. Then she had the nerve to have on those little ass shorts. Don't nobody wanna see all that nasty ass flabby shit.

Friend 1: Girl, he wrong for having those too little jeans hanging off his ass like that. With his big sloppy body having ass.

Friend 2: Girl yea, all out out proportion and shit!
by peak a boo November 27, 2009
Top Definition
adj:Someone whose body shape doesn't fall under the regular catergories of body shapes. i.e pear shaped, hour glass triangle, inverted triangle.
Keisha: I saw Jenny at the beach...she was wearing a 2 pc.

Denise: Her ole' sloppy body self should have never worn that!

by Nykalicious February 28, 2009
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