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A sloppabottomus is a gay male bottom who just can't get enough cock. Portrait of a sloppabottomus:
1) Has a white Iphone
2) Wears a jock strap everywhere he goes
3) Goes to the gym and doesn't work out
4) Calls himself a "vers bottom" but never wants to top
5) Lower intestine the shape of a half-used tube of toothpaste
6) Dreams about being on the receiving end of a bukkake or spitroast

7) Is named Ethan, Corey, Johnny, Mikey, Blake, or any name ending in a "y"
"Wow, I can't believe Johnny showed up tonight. I heard he took on an entire football team last night and got double penetrated. He is such a sloppabottomus."

"I would never fuck Corey. I hear he's a total cum dumpster.
"Cum dumpster? Try sloppabottomus."
by friendlygayborhoodspiderman January 28, 2013
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A sloppy bottom, sloppy as in to much seminal fluid in your anus
by Queen Cumhole February 20, 2017
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