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The Slobber Swear is the only way to determine the truth out of your loved one. A Slobber Swear is more promising than any "Swear to God", "Straight Up", "Right Hand Up", "Swear on Graves" or even the overrated "Pinky Promise". A Slobber Swear is an act that only a couple can perform. A Slobber Swear is performed when one does not believe the other and they will touch tounges (and maybe some slobber) to ensure 100% trust in eachother!
Guy- "Babe I promise I didn't know!!"
Girl- "How can I trust you?"
Guy- "I Swear to God!"
Girl- "Don't believe you!"
Guy- "I Pinky Promise"
Girl- "Liar!"
Guy- "I Slobber Swear!!" (Reaches out toungue)
Girl- (Connects with her toungue) "Aww! I should've trusted you"
by GR3CH May 16, 2011

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