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(n.) term referring to a promiscuous female. One who enjoys performing fellatio on as many boners as possible.
Arlene is a Slob Goblin. She'll give you a nice slob job and drive you to Taco Bell and buy you a snack.
by Nedward October 16, 2005
Definiton 1:a swampdonkey that is also a complete bitch. her pure evilness combined with her slob-like appearance differentiates her from traditional swampdonkey status.

Definition 2: A swampdonkey that has an unusual propensity for administering ball draining blowjobs. Slobgoblins never let any of the seed hit the ground. At all times, they will completely scoop the whole load.
Definition 1: That slobgoblin that Chester hooked up with last night was so snooty.

Definition 2: Last night i tickled that slobgoblin's throat not once, but thrice.
by Shakes Salerno January 15, 2007

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