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The term coined to the un-graceful fall of a jefe (boss) due to unprecedented consumption of alcohol. One may choose to consume 5 cups of goon or perhaps 2 sips of vodka to become slizz, but it must be done in a fast and fulfilling means. Once slizzard, the profiled status of what was once a fine and grateful guy/girl on time (F.A.G.G.O.T) is rendered to a slizzed out boss who will drop like it's hot. Word. Origins are birthed fresh from club music's womb taking the words from the hit 'fly like a G6'. Robdogs hit tha juice hardest and are often succeptible to entering the slizz stage.
Homez to unconscious friend: Hey mate are you a Slizz G6?

Paramedic: Mate, best thing you can do is just put him on the D-floor and pump some sick dubstep through his ribs and he'll be da illest.
by Big Daddaboiz October 18, 2011
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