refers to the dress/shirt worn by the skanky population.
combination of a shirt and a skirt normally quite slutty.
'would you check out the slirt she is wearing'
by polkok April 24, 2009
Top Definition
1. (n) A flirt slut. Non-discriminatory flirter. One who flirts with a lot of people (or things) - opposite sex, same sex, rocks, trees, fish...

2. (v) The act of being a slirt.
That girl is such a slirt; she flirted with my pencil.

He is such a slirt; I saw him slirting with his boss.
by T. Loftis November 15, 2006
A slutty girl who flirts too much .
Oh my god ... She is such a slirt !
by Courtney December 21, 2003
to attempt to get laid by a total slut
dude, go slirt with that chick. she's a total whore.
by yayhooray May 03, 2005
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