A slacker/slob/sloppy hipster.
Wow, check out that slipster on the couch- he gets his PBR delivered.
by yipstergirl February 05, 2010
Top Definition
A once-reputable hipster who has trouble keeping up with the behaviors and customs of the general hipster crowd.
"Aaron's hair hasn't been very disheveled lately . He's becoming quite the slipster."

"Jason is gaining too much weight. He's went from a 26 to a 28. Can you say slipster?"
by a real handful January 22, 2009

1. A creature/person who is very slippery in nature.

2. A small slipper.

Note: This word can be used in place of slipmeister, however slipster is more often associated with a smaller or slimier person/creature.
As the gecko made its way quickly across the room, Rodion had no choice but to exclaim "Wow!Look at that slipster!"

As the penis gracefully slipped in between his butcheeks, Joe exclaimed "You're a really slipster, aren't you?"
by Argonak April 13, 2008
A slutty hipster. Slipster.
"Did you hear that Dave fucked Shannon, Sarah AND Jane?"

"I did! He's such a slipster!"
by anthony e king December 02, 2009
A Salvadoran Hipster, akin to a "Chipster" (Chicano Hipster).
That Salvarodan dresses like a bayunco and eats his pupusas with irony. He's a total Slipster!
by Entrepuertas June 16, 2011
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