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Messing around, not paying attention to important details.
You sliping son, and that other kid, I dont know his name, but he slipping too.
by D. Bushelle January 01, 2005
1. on the downward trend.
2. losing the edge.
3. falling into error.
4. not paying attention.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant October 05, 2003
When a romantic relationship has been terminated but the people involved continue to sleep together.

Broken up but still sleep together/hook up.

Emphasized based on likelihood of reunion.
"Jordan and Jamie broke up a while ago but they're definetly still slipping."
by Slipping December 19, 2013
Means you fell off or forgot to do something
Yo i was caught slipping the other day when I didn't have no condom to fuck that hoe.
by Moe(All 'bout dat paper) April 28, 2006
Its like tripping on a drug only it is used for drugs such as:

chrono-rib, steez, candy-teeth, pex, treep, grope ope, ONain, Pope's Vagina, and OPD
damn, dat nNiKKA SLIPPINg!
by James Steeds April 29, 2007
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