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A womens vagina completely soaked, a squirting female orgasm, a "party girl" who could be here and gone in the blink of the eye, a cum filled vagina/creampie
1: Dude when I was eating her out it was defiantly considered dining at the Slippery V 2: Man I couldn't believe how hard she came and then she pulled a Slippery V and completely soaked the sheets! 3: Friend #1 "hey man wheres that smoken hot horn dog girl you've been talkin to?" Friend #2 "shit bro she pulled a Slippery V on me out of nowhere". #3 bro now that I'm fixed I'm able to give my girl a Slippery V every time I get off, for christ sake it leaks out of her the next day!
by Dr.JK October 17, 2013
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