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(noun)-a move used during the act of intercourse;
(verb)- to urinate inside a womans vagina when her vaginal walls are no longer lubricated.
(sentence)- So i was goin to pound town on this trick and i had to give her a slippery fish cuz ole' girl dried up like a desert.
by Algoshnazz March 27, 2009
A person who escapes from impossible situtations,
A person who is a dare devil
Woa! Gavin, your such a slipperyfish
by Gavin March 09, 2004
When the penis accidently enters the butthole instead of the vagina while engaging in intercourse. Often results in extreme anus ripping and loss of sexual feelings. Side effects include trouble walking, massive diarreah, and ripped anus.
Its not ever day that you get the slippery fish
by mermicorn November 04, 2010
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