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Eminem's name while impersonating Snoop Dogg
Aww, naw!
Big Slim Dogg!
Eighty pound balls, dick six inch long.
Back up in da heezy baybay!
(He's Shayday, and he's so crayzay!)
by MegaAhmadF December 08, 2014
Snoop Dogg, referring to Slim Shady.
Aw, naw!
Big Slim Dogg!
80 pound balls!
Dick six inch long!
Back up in the heezy baby!
Shinto god buttfuck long time!
by ass fart, eh? September 22, 2003
Awesome, Bomb Ass, Super Fly
Damn that chick be a hell Slim Dogg
by -Slim- July 20, 2003

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