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This is when you're desperately needing some head, but your girl's asleep. Therefore, you sneak into the room and stick your dick in her mouth while she's sleeping. By instinct, she'll probaby start sucking your dick while sleeping, giving this action the name "Sleepy Head"
Friend 1- Man, the other night my girl was asleep and I really needed some head.
Friend 2- I guess that left you to use your right hand for the night,
Friend 1- Nah man. I just stuck it in her mouth and she gave me some sleepy head.
by ofwgktadgaf_666 September 14, 2012
16 21
Someone that sleeps a lot or is tired all the time.
"Wake up you sleepyhead!"
by GGeeggee March 28, 2010
97 26
One of the most amazing friends you will ever have. But dont expect to talk to them late at night, they like to go to bed around ten or so. Most of the time if you are talking to them they fall asleep. Even though they fall asleep a lot they are simply amazing. If you are lucky enough to have a sleepy head in your life, dont lose them. They are loyal, a great listener, and will do whatever it takes have to to make you happy.
I wish I had a sleepyhead as a friend.
by MyrtleLynn April 22, 2010
86 27
One of the most amazing drinks one can buy to help them fall asleep.
I had a SleepyHead last night. My dreams were insane!
by Slum Doggin November 01, 2011
20 10
(n.) Oral sex in the morning or immediately after waking up with your partner.
As soon as I woke up, she was back for round 3 and was giving me sleepyhead.
by mikklepgibbs October 20, 2010
39 36
The best song ever, from Passion Pit.
Person 1: Dude, have you heard Sleepyhead?
Person 2: Of course! Who doesn't?
by Richard Castilhos May 26, 2012
18 17
A derogatory way to describe an Asian person.
used because of the way Asians eyes appear to be semi-closed or "sleepy"
connie chung is such a sleepy head

look at that sleepyhead bitch over there
by HardBody Ninja April 14, 2010
28 40