-means not to be awake in regular everyday language
-in the ghetto it means to hit somebody really hard that makes him fall and not move anymore
-that nigga slept him after he started talkin shit
-you should sleep his ass
-go to sleep.. you reading too much urban dictionary!!
by SacT November 10, 2005
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Sleep is a mythical creature that brings joy and happiness to those lucky enough to have said they have found it. It is most often found after a night of intense intoxication, after many days of insomnia or while medicated. Sleep, while easy for others to obtain, is often referred to by many in the context as other mythical creatures and objects. For example: the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the troll under the bridge, the elusive unicorn and true love.
I wish I could find this thing called sleep.
by Gwalk July 12, 2013
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code word for sexual relations between two people
I was not feeling well because of sleep withdrawl
by Dan March 08, 2002
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Something only for the weakest of beings.
You went to sleep last night? What kind of a man are you?
by FantaBAMarama February 14, 2009
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1.(v)to be wrong or say something wrong or out of the ordinary
2.(v) to be or acting wack
You sleep!This aint fake, this is real gucci.
by LiL Tina May 28, 2005
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When you tell someone to sleep it means they are acting dumb or said somethin dumb!
Waitor: ok what kind of sauce would you like? (For her wings)
Taylor: Sauce for what?
Courtney: SLEEP!
by Courtney Watt March 21, 2010
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you sleep man,i dont like that girl!
by i run dat December 07, 2008
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