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a girl who sleeps around.
That girl is a slawcat.
by Ka$hmore October 21, 2010
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An extremely skanky girl. A girl who's easily identified at a party or social event in less than 3 seconds as being a major slut who does anything with anyone.
Dude: Hey man that girl is super sexy, I want some of that!
Me: Seriously? Like are you retarded? How did you not see that girl is a slaw cat? She probably has a blue waffle man.

Your mom.

Person: Ewwwww....did she really just lick his entire face as a greeting....?
by HSlingo October 07, 2010
A girl who's "cat" looks like "slaw"; a whore.
Damn, that girl is a slaw cat!
by slawcatz October 06, 2010

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