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a group of poor kids with no money. guys and girls like to hang in stink stench and talk about sexual things in the misty germ harboring smell stink air.. specifically behind turkey hill... The girls think that they seduce people and it's weird, they are two faced, they make up stories and try to slave people of protestant faith for some odd reason, they do drugs and are disgusting, they stink, they like sexual piercings, they look like regurgitated pizza and puke from my neapolitan mouth, they are not aloud to eat pizza, they eat fake pizza and it makes them sick, haha improper, inbreed species.

mothy, odd in appearance, back hunched a little with fingers always curled in sort of like a paw and fingernails that curl inwards very long. This is from years of inbreeding.

Slatington wet back?

Anorexic kinda people that have no class and talk trash for some odd reason.

Strange people.

boys -faggish, maniacs
girls - bicurious sickos

Their face - I smell myself and I smell like disease, fetish myself in disgusting.
Slatedale Faggotree Mafia.. the second coming, in your town, drowing in alcohol and drugs in a downward spiral.

Slatedale Faggotree Mafia.. the second coming people hit on me and I don't like it.
by hackback intervention February 11, 2012

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