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One of THE best lead guitarists of all friggin time. Kicks so much ass that it ain't funny. In my opinion, he is the main reason Guns N Roses was such an awesome band, emphasis on WAS. Now plays lead for Velvet Revolver, another band that is basically this- Guns N Roses-Axl Rose+Scott Weiland=Velvet Revolver.
Rock fan poser listening to CKY-"Dood, this stuff is rele awesome! YEAH!!1!"

Rock fan who knows what he's talkin bout- (hands teh poser some original GnR and Velvet Revolver)"Check dis out man,"

Poser-(Closes eyes and headbangs like he's never heard good rock music before)"Forget CKY, this stuff is what it's all about."
by sLASHfAN July 28, 2005
1 1
The dumb, bitchy, crappy guitarist of the evil band Guns n'Roses, and Velvet Revolver who butchered Negative Creep.

Attributes include big black curly hair, a top hat, a black ancestry, a few rings, and a stupid face.
Tom: Dude I can't play Smoke on the Water 'cause I'm soooo hammered.
Burt: Oh, Golly Gee, you are suuuuuch a Slash Thompson.
by Burt n'Ernie December 23, 2004
5 9