The extreme pain due to a high-velocity impact between the male scrotum and the inner thigh flab. This usually occurs when playing intense sports such as ping-pong, or doing jumping jacks. The resulting sound is a high-pitched, incredibly loud slapping noise.
Person 1: Owww, I just had a slappy joe!

Person 2: ....I am so sorry. Here, take a Vicodin.
#slappy #joe #balls #scrotum #slap #painful
by SlappyJoesHurt December 27, 2011
Top Definition
The proprietor of All Time Low's favorite restaurant. Slappy Joe's serves burgers and fries providing you with the energy you need to survive the zombie apocalypse.
Hey, Alex! You wanna go get a burger at Slappy Joe's?
Sure thing Jack, I would love to!
#all time low #jack barakat #swag #alex gaskarth #zack merrick #rian dawson #glamour kills #zombie
by Doug Mertons January 02, 2015
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